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Enjoy media reports and seminars from previous conventions.

Three seminars from the 2014 Convention:

Dr Daniel Duda: Overcoming the Crisis in Modern Adventist Identity. The Education and Ministerial Association director at the Trans-European Division of Seventh-day Adventists gives a historical, biblical and practical insight into Adventism as a 'rethinking movement'.


Pastor Obinnaya Iheoma shares his secret of success in reaching across cultural boundaries.  Originally a Nigerian oil engineer Pastor Obi felt a call to ministry and is now welcomed in churches and communities within the UK. This is not an African story. It is a Christian example of sharing the love of Christ.

Pastor Gifford Rhamie's Sabbath Sermon at ASI-UK, 2 February 2014.  Part of a weekend exploring the crisis of identity in modern day Adventism.  Pastor Rhamie is a lecturer in Pastoral Studies at Newbold College of higher education.

ASI February 2013 Annual Convention:

Dr Laurence Turner, Principal Lecturer in Old Testament at Newbold College of Higher Education hosts a Q&A session following his lecture on the first chapter of Genesis.

Genesis 1: A radical document: "Genesis 1 is a radical statement which flies in the face of received wisdom in the world in which Genesis came into existence. And it would be a pity if we made Genesis 1 a touchstone of conservatism rather than a statement of radical faith." This according to Dr Laurence Turner, Principal Lecturer in Old Testament at Newbold College of Higher Education. He looks at the first chapter of Genesis within the context of the audience at the time it was written.

2011 Convention

Watch this BUC News video report of the ASI 2011 Convention.