Seventh-Day Adventist Church

Adventist-laymen’s Services & Industries, UK (ASI-UK) Sharing Christ in the marketplace



Fellowship Days and Social Events
ASI-UK is a community of like-minded people. We love to share thoughts and ideas and fellowship.

Seminars/ Workshops
Each year ASI-UK works in partnership with the SEC School of Evangelism & Mission (SoEM), the Adventist Musicians, Singers & Songwriters' Association (AMSSA) and now the Adventist Teachers Association (UK) to launch seminars and workshops for entrepreneurs, business owners and professionals (EBOPs).

The SEC School of Evangelism, Mission & Leadership course is a full academic year course with sessions held one a month.  the course starting with a pilot in January 2015.

The full course runs from September -May/June each year.

Contact the South England Conference for more information. Students will graduate at SEC Camp meeting each year.

Spiritual Support - ASI-UK 'Clubhouse Ministry' Chaplain

The ASI-UK Clubhouse has a dedicated chaplain available for spiritual guidance to the members. 

Members and guest visitors to this website can also place requests for prayer to ASI-UK.

Keeping in Contact with ASI-UK membership

Our information is distributed to members online, by email to keep them updated with information on upcoming events and past activities.  If you are not currently a paid up member, but would like information about ASI-UK, please request to join the Supporters mailing list by emailing us at ASI-UK.