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Adventist-laymen’s Services & Industries, UK (ASI-UK) Sharing Christ in the marketplace



 ASI in the UK - our strategy

The committee introduced a UK relevant strategy in 2014/15 at the summer social in August. Below is the summary of our strategy over the next year
Our membership of ASI - UK is still slow in its growth in comparison to other European chapters.  The UK chapter is focussing on re-establishing the core purposes of ASI, helping members gain practical tools to ‘share Christ in the Marketplace’...

From 2017, our members are now either mostly professionals in employment, active business owners and entrepreneurs.  We have a very welcome and valued proportion of members that are retired from their professions, however, this is now a minority of the membership body.

Our approach for current members is to encourage not only eligible colleagues but also our family and friends to join ASI-UK.  Other targets are:

• Raise awareness of ASI-UK throughout the SEC and NEC during 2017-2018

• Through the endorsement and partnership working with the Director of the SEC Personal Ministries department to promote membership of ASI-UK throughout the SEC
• To gain members by targeting London and surrounding area.

• To increase the membership overall by at least 50% through a concerted effort of current members. 

The committee asks that each member sets a personal target to introduce and sign up at least one new FULL fee paying eligible member before the 2017 AGM in December 2017.

To co-sponsor training and development for evangelism aimed at Entrepreneurs, Business Owners and Professionals. We will do this through three learning & development opportunities:

o a specific course for entrepreneurs, business-owners and professionals run with the SEC School of Evangelism & Mission (Sept – June each academic year)

o Signposting to executive/ leadership programmes,

o Facilitating the launch and administrative support of the Adventist Teacher's network  - the association of Adventist educators in nonAdventist UK educational institutions

work experience and job shadowing opportunities for students under the "Inspiring Tomorrow" project in partnership with the SEC, BUC and Family Life project (2015 – current)

o A weekend session on using the professional skill of music in evangelism (Convention in September 2017)

To support future sustainable growth, the immediate focus for ASI-UK is now on communicating the benefits of membership in the following ways:

• raising awareness through social media and other online channels

• focussed marketing to relevant potential membership groups

• partnerships with likeminded SDA lay-led associations, and

• gaining endorsement and using communication channels of the local Conferences, Missions and the British Union.

General Information about Adventist-laymen's Services & Industries (ASI)

ASI is a membership-based organisation of Seventh-day Adventist laypeople who are enthusiastic about actively participating in the church’s worldwide mission. ASI members are Adventists from every walk of life.This unique and diverse network of members ranges from business owners, entrepreneurs, individual professionals and supporting ministries.

ASI’s philosophy promotes a Christ-centered lifestyle, manifested by a commitment to be in daily partnership with God. ASI members seek to experience God's love in their own lives and share that love with the people they encounter in their everyday work and activities—hence ASI's motto, Sharing Christ in the Marketplace.

Furthermore, ASI is committed to supporting the Seventh-day Adventist Church and its various outreach programs; which include health, education, evangelism, community services, family concerns and one-off special projects.