Seventh-Day Adventist Church

Adventist-laymen’s Services & Industries, UK (ASI-UK) Sharing Christ in the marketplace


Our Purpose and Team


ASI exists to stimulate business and professional people into being enthusiastic about sharing the great good news of the Soon Coming of Jesus.  The workplace is a fertile environment and one rarely reached by pastors or evangelists. 

ASI members, being leaders in their own churches and communities, are totally committed to supporting the Church administration by offering their services and talents as requested. ASI-UK is the association chapter that covers Ireland, Wales, Northern Ireland, England and Scotland.

Belonging to the larger Association of ASI Europe means that the opportunities for net-working are greatly increased for business and professional people.  It also offers scope for students seeking placements with Christian Companies, thereby widening their experience by working in different European countries. As ASI-Europe seeks to establish a new strategy ASI-UK will also need to reassess and confirm how best to engage with this body.

As ASI-UK and ASI Europe expand, the benefits to individual members and to the Church are limitless, not only in the workplace but in personal spiritual growth.   The potential for spreading the Gospel increases with each member who joins and collectively the Association's chapters can be a powerful tool in God’s Hands as time, talents and skills are dedicated to Him.

Recognising the talents and worth of young people, ASI-UK offers free activities to support students in full-time secondary school or graduate education. Encouraging them to share ideas and to become involved in the activities that help support their career ambitions, it is hoped that as well as offering opportunities to meet business leaders in their dream careers, these activities will lead to them dedicating their time and talents to God and His service, right at the start of their careers.  Young professionals are welcome to join and become active members of this growin chapter. 

Although not strictly a fund-raising organisation we have activities to support or provide fundraising and endorse specific projects.

We do these supportive activities in several ways:

  • ASI members often develop projects in which other members become involved.  
  • At Conventions the offering taken facilitates the expansion of chosen projects.  
  • ASI-UK also provides endorsement and funding of national projects that use innovative ways that meet the needs of the wider population in the geographical area by this chapter.  
  • Finally ASI-UK also provides endorsement and/or ‘mustard seed’ funding in support of a few local lay-led projects that closely match and support the core values and aims of the association

High on the agenda of our members is the desire to refresh their spiritual lives.  Our meetings provide an opportunity, not only to have fun, socialise and network, but to spend time in reflection and re-dedication. As well as a quarterly meetings in Spring/ Summer we plan to host an Autumn session in September.

ASI-UK hosts a Day of Fellowship in September and December

ASI-UK 2017/18 Committee

ASI-UK is privilaged to have a leadership team of committed volunteers.  

(The committee officers and members are elected annually. The representative selected by the British Union Conference office and is a de facto role member of the committee.)

President/ Committee Chairman:  Deborah Harris Find out more about Deborah.  Deborah also appeared in an edition of 'Adventists In Conversation'.

Vice Chairman                   :  Cliff Jordan

Hon Secretary/ Treasurer :  Nat Ouadjo

Assistant Treasurer           :  Daniel Meguille

Committee Members          :  S Davies, C Ugbomah

BUC Representative           :  To be confirmed by BUC



Other ASI-UK Officers (2017/18)

Membership Secretariat: Student/ Youth volunteer - Venresha Greensword, Christelle Clements-Davis

Member's Chaplain: To be confirmed

Student Representative: Suspended

ASI-UK Committee Advisors (2017/18)

  • Fundraising Proposals
  • Health Ministry In concert with The UK chapter of the Adventist Medical Evangelism Network (AMEN-UK)
  • Education Ministry: In partnership with the Adventist Teachers Association (ATA)
  • Lay-led Evangelism: In partnership with the South England Conference (SEC) School of Evangelism & Ministry (SoEM) and the London Area Advisory Council (LAAC)
  • Music Evangelism In partnership with the Adventist Musicians, Singer/Songwriters Association (AMSSA)
  • Youth / Students (Buiness and Careers): In partnership with the London Area Advisory Council (LAAC), Family Life Projext and the BUC Youth Department


The ASI-UK committee will invite advisors and experts as required.