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"Inspiring Tomorrow 2016" Launches - Info Sessions

Posted on Jun 19 2016

Do you know what industry you want to work in and would like a kick-start to help you make your career connections?Are you age 16 - 23 years old in studies or just starting out in your career? Or are you older - but looking for practical ways to not only share Christ in YOUR marketplace but to progress or kickstart your career achievements??


Since ASI-UK started the pilot programme in 2014,SDA students, graduates and trades people can find out firsthand about what it is like to work in their dream career/ industry. 

In 2016 we launched the London Programme where students youth and young people as well as career professionals looking to move their career and their evangelism forward can participate in:

Information Sessions (online registration at our ASI-UK Eventbrite site)

Register and attend a series of seminars in their industry and attend personal development sessions

For those delegates serious about moving both their career and personal evangelims forward there are oppotunities for:

  • personal one-to-one disussions with leaders in their industry of choice
  • access to one day to a week shadowing with a top professional or business owner
  • work experience (students and young adults only)
Contacts and industry links are sponsored through the partnership between the London Area Advisory Council and ASI-UK London members programme.

The final information session took place on 18th June 2016 at the Advent Centre

One attendee noted that "this is a great opportuntity to get Spiritual AND Personal Development and then.....real, practical industry opportunities!  This is fantastic..."

In 2016, ASI-UK members in London will offer a series of information seminars, preparation workshops for youth and young adults

Dr Psr Steve Thomas LAAC President noted that "there are a number of opportunities in major industry areas available for these opportuntiies and this is good for the youth young adults and older people that choose to participate on this project"

Currently students in secondary school or university and young adults can be matched with business owners and professionals in the following industry sectors:

  1. Technology - Developers/ UX or UI Designers
  2. Finance - including Corporate Finance
  3. Banking - Retail Banking or Investment Banking
  4. Professional services - Accountancy
  5. Professional services - Law
  6. Professional services - Management Consulting/ Foresic Accounting
  7. Medicine
  8. Public Sector - Education
  9. Public Sector - Local Authority
  10. Public Sector - NHS 
  11. Third Sector - Housing Associations
  12. Entrepreneurship - Business Owners and startups
For more information about the programme and industry opportunnities, contact ASI-UK administrator at with Subject heading "I2M 2016"

Editors Note

For 2016, ASI-UK delivered the "Inspiring Tomorrow" Project in partnership with:
The SEC School of Evangelism & Mission (SoEM) - Entrepreneurs, Business-owners & Professionals (EBOPs) Course
The SEC Youth Department
The SEC Teens Department
The London Area Advisory Council (LAAC)
PLUS a range of industry business leaders and professionals


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