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Success for ASI-UK Student Mentoring

Posted on Mar 20 2016

Ever wondered what it would be like to be a surgeon for a day? 
Or an investment banker, or a partner in a global professional consultancy firm?
Three students got to find out firsthand, each securing from one day to a week shadowing a top professional or business owner, thanks to a series of pilots sponsored by ASI-UK London members programme.

Enoch, a college student from North Wembley is thinking about going into a career in finance secured a two-day mentoring and work shadowing opportunity with managers and a Partner at top Accountancy firm Deloitte LLP and a Finance Director of a major hospital in London.

Kelly, a top grade secondary school student from Hackney who is thinking about applying to study medicine, had a one day work shadowing and hospital visits alongside a world renown paediatric surgeon. "This was fantastic!", she said enthusiastically. "I definately will think about becoming a surgeon or other medical role working with children"

James, who lives in Reading and  has just finished his GCSE exams.  He was keen to find out about working in technology or banking and attended events as a guest of the London TechWeek and meetings in the Square Mile and Canary Wharf.  "It definately isn't 'Wolf of Wall Street' at all!  These people work really hard and have to know a lot of technical information.  I really appreciated the time ASI-UK have used to do this

Editor Note:
ASI-UK is working in partnership with the BUC Youth Department and many Adventist business professionals to facilitate work-shadowing and work experience opportunities and a programme of mentoring services.  

Currently students in secondary school or university can be matched with business owners and professionals in the following industry sectors:

  1. Technology - Developers/ UX or UI Designers
  2. Finance - and Corporate Finance
  3. Banking - Retail Banking or Investment Banking
  4. Professional services - Accountancy
  5. Professional services - Law
  6. Professional services - Management Consulting
  7. Medicine
  8. Public Sector - Education
  9. Public Sector - Local Authority
  10. Public Sector - NHS 
  11. Entrepreneurship - Business Owners and startups
For more information about the mentoring programme, contact the administrator at


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