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Adventist-laymen’s Services & Industries, UK (ASI-UK) Sharing Christ in the marketplace

Friends in Conversation ASI-UK events, seminars and conventions give members the opportunity to network and celebrate together
Thought Leadership Speakers such as Herta von Steigal (on the right) inspire, challenge and coach ASI-UK professionals and entrepreneur members
Achieve Personal Inspiration Access the tools to help you identify and develop a personal evangelism style that works for you

Be a part of ASI-UK!

Membership of ASI-UK is an opportunity to benefit and enrich your personal evangelistic efforts in your professional and/or business life.

You become part of an active leadership network of like-minded people commited to let God use their talents, resources and opportunties to reach their circle of family and friends, colleagues and associates in the business world to share the good news about the Kingdom of God.


Empower Yourself, Enrich Others

What does ASI-UK offer its members? Membership of ASI-UK impacts three areas of life as you participate:

Join and become one of Our People - Inspiring and Informing Ambition, Fellowship and Personal Support: ASI-UK offers members information that will both inspire and equip you with tools to help you ‘share the good news of Jesus Christ in your market place’. Our chaplain is available to support you on a personal level.  Our newsletters, this website, social gatherings and convention weekends keep you up to date with what is going on around the country and across the globe with other ASI chapters around the world. 

Join and Participate in Our Strategic Projects - Mentoring/ Job Shadowing and Work Experience , Strategic Leadership Support: Members are selected to participate in opportunities to volunteer(unpaid)  or provide consultancy (remunerated, based on your expertise, professional or business-specific skills).
These projects enable ASI-UK to provides resources towards various evangelism projects of national and benefit.

Examples of 2014/15 Projects: ASI-UK national project is the support the Newbold College School of Business as it develops a range of Executive courses and seminars to support business owners and professionals.
ASI-UK facilitated job shadowing and work experience opportunities for students interested in pursuing careers in medicine, accountancy, investment banking and new technology/ internet business.

Be a part of Our Community - Networking, Celebration and Business Support: Members actively network with other passionate, like-minded business owners or professionals. Our community supports and promotes industry and business and is active in working to share the gospel, looking forward to the return of Jesus Christ.  The ability to meet and exchange insights, knowhow and experiences has proven to be a most enriching part of our membership.

Associates and Affilated Associations

We are also an umbrella association. We support sustainable development of networks for Seventh-day Adventists in specific a industry or profession eg

Be part of the launch of the Adventist Teachers Association (ATA)

Or celebrate the revamped and improved service for the Adventist Musicians, Singer/ Songwriter Association (AMSSA)

Or reconnect with your fellow healthcare professionals in the UK chapter of Adventist Medical Evangelism Network (AMEN-UK)

If you belive that ASI-UK membership is for you (for information on eligibility, please see our membership criteria) or would like more information about our activities, please contact our Membership Services team using the contact form, email or telephone: 07711 069497 for further information.

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